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Need For Physio On The Increase For Pilates Trainers And Why

Importance of athletic therapy for all athletes

When competing in major sports competitions injury is very common. This is because of the nature of most athletes wanting to be winners. No athlete goes to the field looking to lose after all the hours spent training. Most of the times also the pressure to perform comes from the coaches who want their athletes to give the best in what they do. These factors coupled with the fact that the athletes might be competing in front of thousands or even millions of spectators for games that are broadcasted live increases the pressure on the athletes to perform better. This pressure sometimes causes the athletes to push their bodies beyond what they can take causing an injury. Also, the need to win increases the adrenaline in the body that causes athletes to put themselves in danger more than they would during a practice session. Here are some other reasons why all athletes should have an athletic therapist.

For prevention of injury – an athletic therapist Toronto is not only good at dealing with injuries but they are also experts at avoiding injury. With the knowledge of the game being played, the field where it is being played and the weather conditions among other predisposing factors, an athletic therapist is able to advice the athlete on how to avoid injury. From the information collected before the game, the athletic therapist is able to determine what sort of injury the player is prone to and therefore device measures and even equipment that can help them avoid such injuries.

Enhance performance – usually the performance of the athletes is bound to decrease as they spend more time in the game. Athletic therapy uses procedures such as soft tissue massage. These procedures help to relax the muscles, increase blood flow in the muscles and reduce tension thereby making the athlete perform better after a break. They come back to the field rejuvenated and rearing to go which would not be the case when the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association  is not there.

Improves training – training is very important for any athlete because it determines how well they can be able to perform in the game. During training the athletic therapist is able to identify when the athlete gets tired, what activities of the sport makes them tired and how long they take to rejuvenate for the game. This helps the athletic therapist to help the athlete to perform to their best during the game.

Take care of injuries – an athletic therapist is able to respond to injuries immediately and offer very essential first care to the athlete before they can be taken to the hospital for any further care. Usually the care given by the athletic therapist is the determining care on how well the athlete recovers from the injury unless in situations where it is a chronic injury.

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