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Reasons for enrolment of the Online Insurance Broker Training

Online training is virtual tutorial support that is available for distant learners. Various platforms design an Online Insurance broker training that has gone through thorough research. All topics studied by learners are broken down into modules that enhance the understanding of each lesson. Once you purchase the course, you get 1-year access with tutorial support. This article will focus on an overview of the training. 

Reasons for enrolment of the Online Insurance Broker Training  

  • Learning materials for the course include visual elements and engaging voiceover. 
  • Each student gets tutor support from Monday to Friday. 
  • The student is eligible for an Endorsed certificate after completing the course. 
  • There is 24/7 access to course content for a year. 
  • A platform provides assessments and instant results after studying the course. 
  • You can complete the course without too much supervision. 

Course Description 

The course has 11 modules which include: 

  • Insurance Industry 
  • The UK Insurance Industry 
  • Principles of Insurance 
  • General Insurance 
  • Personal Lines Insurance 
  • Commercial Lines Insurance 
  • Liability Insurance 
  • Marine Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Underwriting Process 

Immediately you complete one module, you are required to take an assessment which will be evaluated by your tutor and the scores displayed on your screen. Your pass mark is 60% per module. 

After completing all modules, you need to order an endorsed certificate as proof of your achievement. A hard copy is created, and you are required to complete a certain payment for the certificate to be mailed to you. 

Who studies this course? 

Learners taking this course include: 

  • Job seekers 
  • People working in this field and need to polish their skills 
  • Recent graduates 
  • Students 
  • Anyone interested in the topic of study 

Requirements for enrolment 

There is no specific qualification needed to enrol in training institutions for the course. To start online insurance broker training, you need a stable internet connection for you to study in the comfort of your home. 

Learners should be above 16 years old, willing to learn with passion, and have literacy learning skills. 

Career Choice 

Once you complete your training successfully, you may get referrals from Insurance companies as an insurance broker or any relevant occupation. Training for this course will help you get an employment opportunity in any relevant field. It also enhances eligibility and competency for promotions.  


Online insurance broker training is available in various platforms which provide educational support to its learners for a full year. The course description outlines the modules a learner has to learn and assessment details displayed on his/her screen. The learner can do training for the course with the right attitude, passion, and stable internet connection. 

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