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Why Hiring a Lawyer is important

Disability lawyers help victims with a disability or those considering filing for disability file a successful claim and steer the appeal process to completion. 

Disability lawyers offer free consultation services and receive payment (contingency fee) only when they win a case; therefore, a lawyer can reject a case that has little chance of winning. They charge a substandard fee that the federal law regulates which is less than 25% of the disability backpay or $6,000. Hiring a disability lawyer increases the chances of winning at a Social Security Disability hearing. 

Why Hiring a Lawyer is important 

Disability lawyers help in explaining insurance policies that are complex to understand and properly completing claim forms to avoid denial based on missed requirements or incomplete information. Insurance policies’ claims are unique and complex, thus, a client should understand the key terms and provisions in the policy. 

To file for a disability claim, a client should have compatible medical evidence. The lawyer will work with the client’s physician to obtain a well-suited expert opinion about the client’s work restrictions and make sure the claim file contains essential medical evidence. Biasness on independent medical examinations may occur since insurance companies pay for them, thus, the lawyer ensures protection of the client’s rights and fair examination. 

A lawyer helps in minimizing consequences that may occur during an insurance company surveillance. The lawyer ensures that the investigation is not out of context or done in a manner to litigate the client. Denial of a disability claim can occur due to a governing clause in the insurance policy. A lawyer helps to understand the action required of either appealing or reconsidering to file a claim before filing a lawsuit against the company. 

The application process for filing a disability claim is complex, has numerous deadlines, and formalities. A lawyer helps by staying in contact with the social security administration to avoid overlooking any activity. A lawyer represents a client at hearings, ensures adequate preparation of the client for questioning, and address expert witness (if any). 

Qualifications for Disability 

 To be able to hire a disability lawyer, a client should show signs of disability to win disability benefits. Children under 18 years and adults have similar list of impairments, except for growth impairment in children. Some of the conditions are; speech issues and senses, neurological disorders, respiratory illness, blood disorders, cardiovascular conditions, immune system disorders and mental disorders. 

Disability lawyers come in handy during social disability application process, which can be tremendous especially when your health is suffering. They are skilled at handling different issues that may arise during the application process; therefore, it is best to interact with a disability attorney as soon as you have difficulties working. 

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