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Food Sensitivity Symptoms: When Your Body Speaks and You Fail To Listen

Has it ever occurred to you that your body speaks? The constant aches and mood swings you experience, is your body telling you something? Do not ignore these signs. They could be food sensitivity symptoms.

You are probably asking yourself what food sensitivity testing by Fit Labs is. Is it the same as food allergy? Well, these two terms may seem similar. The truth is they are totally different. Many people get it wrong making it hard to diagnose.

Differences between Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy

  • Food sensitivity affects the digestive system while food allergy affects the immune system.
  • Food allergy symptoms begin to manifest almost immediately after eating the food. Food sensitivity symptoms can take up to 72 hours before manifesting.
  • For food allergies a small amount is enough to trigger a deathly response. For food sensitivity sizeable quantities taken over a long while is what will trigger the reactions.
  • It is possible to have two or more people sensitive to the same food yet show different symptoms.

A sure way of knowing which food you are sensitive to is through the elimination diet. In this method you are required to do is get rid of certain foods for a while. You then bring them back one by one. Don’t forget to record how your body reacts to each food. You will then be sure which foods you are sensitive to.

Signs and Symptoms of Food Sensitivity

Fatigue: The common triggers are corn, soy, dairy and gluten products. The foods that are supposed to give you energy leave you drained instead.

Joint pain and muscle aches: Chemicals from the food get into the bloodstream without being properly digested. The body is inflamed causing the muscle pain. Common triggers are eggs, peanuts and sugar.

Headaches: The chemicals from the foods enlarge the blood vessels causing the headaches. Common triggers are bacon, sausage and processed foods.

Weight gain:  When you eat food and it is not digested, the body responds with inflammation This increases insulin production. Insulin is known to store fat, hence the weight gain. Common triggers are meat and sugar.

Mood swings: Food sensitivity can cause your moods to be volatile. Your digestive system is affected. This causes problems in the stomach and can affect your overall mood. Common triggers are wheat, dairy products and certain fruits.

Anxiety/ Dizziness: Histamines are chemicals found in the human cells as well as in certain foods. When the body is sensitive to certain foods, plenty of histamines are released to the bloodstream. This makes a person anxious.

Most if not all these symptoms are not usually related to food sensitivity. Consult the doctor when you see something you don’t understand. Always remember “A healthy body is a healthy mind”.

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