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Impact of rope manufacturing

In the city, there are many industries for rope manufacturing.  A rope is a long knitted strap made of threadsThreads are made from either a plant or an animal product. Many ropes are manufactured from certain plants. A few ropes are manufactured from animal product. 

There are many trees, and animals in all regions. The raw materials are readily available for rope manufacturing. Rope manufacturing has led to growth and development of the city. Not only led to the growth, and development but also has improved the living standards of people.  

Rope manufacturing has a great impact in the society. It has led to establishment of industries hence creating jobs in the market. Some people find jobs for rope manufacturing. Hence can earn their living. 

There are some factors that contribute to better rope manufacturing. 

Availability of raw materials– The raw materials should be collected early enough and stored in a cool dry place. 

There should be enough working people – to produce better ropes there must be enough working personnel. 

The tools of work must be sharp and ready for efficient, and effective work. The sharp tools are essential for cutting the raw materials. 

It is essential to have enough water, and have all the required tools of work. 

To manufacture best rope, both the skilled and unskilled personnel are required. 

What happens in the rope manufacturing? 

The farmers sell their animal, and plant raw materials to the industries. The raw materials are collected, and stored in a well aerated house. There are some procedures that are followed to manufacture the rope. 

First a certain part of the plant is cut into small pieces. 

Then it is crushed to produce some long thin threads. 

The long thin threads are put in a machine. 

The machine processes the threads into ropes. 

The ropes are dried by the machine. 

Lastly the ready ropes are well packed in a sealed labelled bag.  

The bag enclosing the rope should have the manufacturing date, expiry date, the trade mark and the name of the product e.g. rope. 

 The benefit of rope manufacturing 

Rope manufacturing basically manufactures ropes. The ropes are distributed to the available market, and sold to people. Rope manufacturing collects a lot money from both overseas, and local regions. 

The creation of jobs in the market. Rope manufacturing has employed both skilled and unskilled personnel. 

Maximized use of available raw materials. It has made use of unused raw materials in the farm. Hence generating more income. 

Ready market are opened for selling ropes, and other materials made of rope. 

Use of manufactured ropes  

Manufactured ropes are used for tying luggage. Ropes can be used to tie heavy loads on a certain material, and helps to pull the load to the intended place. 

Positive impact of rope manufacturing 

Rope manufacturing has led to growth, and development of the city. Industries have been built for rope manufacturing. 

The roads have been tarmacked to facilitate good transport of raw materials, and products manufactured from rope. The roads also provide good means of transport to people. 

In developed places people travel by modern means instead of walking on foot. 

Negative impact of rope manufacturing 

There are a few disadvantages of rope manufacturing. 

Air pollution- some smoke is emitted when manufacturing the rope. 

In case of low man power, there is a decrease in rope manufacturing. 

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